Our expertise

In 2015 we established Newton Mortgage Consultants OOD in response to the need for security, ease and comfort of people in the process of funding their dream of a new home. Currently, we are among the leaders in mortgage consulting on the market in Bulgaria.

Our many years of banking experience and our high expertise in housing crediting is our distinctive feature and competitive advantage.

We offer first class consultancy services and credit intermediation completely free of charge from the idea to the final utilization of your credit.

We work with best commercial banks by providing complete consulting and intermediation in the area of crediting.

How can we help?​

Let's start your new project together?

We expertly research, analyse and compare offers by banks on the basis of objective metres of the price, including interest and all additional expenses – fees, commissions, insurance premiums, packet services, etc. so that you can take a real informed decision.
We negotiate unique and individual price terms and conditions in line with your profile, financial status, credit history and the parameters of the deal, providing you with access to interest rates below the standard offers announced by the banks.
We are saving your time; we are protecting you from taking wrong decisions and unnecessary efforts by informing you about the steps and assisting you with the preparation and the administration of the required documentation in compliance with the requirements and the criteria of the bank selected by you so you can go through the crediting process calmly and confidently.
We represent you successfully and reliably everywhere it is necessary (banks, notaries public, brokers, state and private institutions, etc.) for the easy and quick completion of the purchase of your home, real estate property, business or other type of credit.
We provide you with consultancy support for the entire life cycle of the credit – upon partial or full prepayment, renegotiation of parameters, refinancing and other.

Meet our team of experts

We are a team of highly qualified financial specialists, lawyers, market specialists and credit experts with many years of experience in the area of banking in leading financial institutions in Bulgaria. We spent the last 15 years of our lives working for the benefit of the people so they could obtain the best credit terms and conditions on the market. We strive to be your support while you are calmly and confidently going through the entire process of financing and fulfilling your dream or plan for a new home.

We will help you!

When to contact us?

  • Financing the purchase of main residence and/or investment into a second property.
  • Repairs and finishing works of your own residence.
  • Purchase of yard plot, construction of a house on your own yard plot.
  • Provision of funds for launching a business venture, purchase of a car, investment in education and other life circumstances.
  • Combining multiple smaller debts into one credit under more favourable terms and conditions.
  • Refinancing existing mortgage credits.
  • Need of consulting and support for existing credit – upon partial or full prepayment, renegotiating parameters, refinancing and other cases.

Newton is a licensed credit intermediary

“When buying a real estate property, you may benefit from the services of the credit intermediaries who know best the services offered by the creditors on the market. Refer only to credit intermediaries who are registered with the BNB. The BNB keeps a register of the credit intermediaries who have the right to perform such activity.”